2nd Year Graduate (2017), featured on Designboom.

The world is saturated with technology, and the prevailing assumption is that technology will be forever in our lives. But there appears to be a lack of thought for the consequences and pitfalls of what this may mean for our mental health. Within this context; it becomes easy to imagine a future where we are oversaturated with technology, to a level; of which it becomes harmful. We are addicted to technological consumption and the idea that it may offer the solution to our problems; even if only temporary. We continue to take these risks despite the consequences.

My project aims to question this phenomena, by examining our complex relationship with domestic technology. By mitigating the circumstances in which we are overly stimulated, causing our consumption habits to rise, to a dangerous and somewhat unhealthy level. I have designed a series of therapeutic devices to combat and question this predicament. By using the device as a way to combat this problem; I am using design as a way to critique the world by furthering the use and further invention of technology, as a form of irony.


Photography Credit: Jonathan Allen and Myself                                                              Video Credit: Myself

Photography Credit: Jonathan Allen and Myself                                                              Video Credit: Myself


Loop of Technology

A methodology for developing technology.

It's a simple phenomenon that shows the negative impact of technology on humans. These humans then need to be cured by newly designed technology. It forms an infinite-loop between technology and syndrome. 


Starting Point (Technology 1)

New Scientist magazine says “VR is not going to be as big as the smartphone, but by attaching itself to smartphones you can get to a big number of people.” Also, a professional treatment organization for Internet, Video, VR addiction called “reStart” says, “Virtual reality is being called the next "ginormous" tech advance which is thought to be as revolutionary as the invention of the smartphone." Last year, the pokemon go has achieved a big number of people. I found a website called Pokemon Go death tracker. So far, it has 14 deaths and 54 injuries. Some the victims are still keeping playing it despite what they got hurt from it.

According to these cases, it becomes easy to imagine a future with oversaturated mixed reality. 

I speculated a phone called Mixed Reality phone, which combined of the smart phone, virtual and augmented reality. It provides user to set up their own ideal world in the phone. Either in virtual reality or augmented reality. Analogy to the phone we are using right now. It is not hard to imagine we will be obsessed with the Mixed reality phone.


Syndrome 1, Phone Motion Sickness


Occurs when using the mixed reality phone. Symptom include: General discomfort, headache, disorientation. Other symptoms include postural instability.





"In order to reduce or even recover Phone Motion sickness. Balancer is designed to help solve this problem."

Therapeutic Device (Technology 2),  Balancer

Balancer is a device for reducing and recovering from Phone Motion Sickness. It uses the most updated Mayo Clinic’s patented GVS technology. It designed to be worn around the neck.



"After solving the most urgent syndrome, phone motion sickness. We are more addicted and immersed into the Mixed Reality Phone, because we can use the phone without any uncomfortable. The syndrome Balancing freedom comes to us."

Syndrome 2, Balancing Freedom


Occurs when patient is using the mixed reality phone on the street. It may be caused by overuse or over dependence on Balancer. Patient may not able to control body activities consciously, especially voice and hand movement. Symptom includes: Talking to oneself, Shouting out at any time, Exaggerated postures. It may cause harmful physical contacts with passengers. 

"These patients created a chaotic environment on the street will affect passengers. Limitator is designed to limit the patient’ volume and movement to create relatively peaceful environment."

Therapeutic Device (Technology 3),  Limitator

Limitator is a therapeutic detector which limits patients’ detector which limits patients’ hand movement and voice volume. It has two parts, a jacket and an ear attachment. If the patients’ hand movement exceeded the highest scope or voice exceeded the highest volume, the ear attachment will give patients unpleasant noise.

"Because the patient experienced too much limitation, the Reality Phobia is coming to us. "

Syndrome 3, Reality Phobia


chose to live in virtual world. Caused by over using Limitator. Patient will fear of large postures and gestures. They are lacking of social activities and social physical contact. Patients chose to live in virtual world. Symptoms includes: Fear of any alarming. Fear to execute big scope postures or gestures. Fear in one or more social situations causing considerable distress. Preferred to live in the virtual world.

Therapeutic Device (Technology 4),  Stabber

Reality Reset is a therapeutic process for recovering Reality Phobia. This medical process only can be used in clinic or hospital, which contains two parts: the Enjoyable Moment and the Stabber. Process: The Enjoyable Moment will play immersive environment in the phone for patient. The Stabber will randomly start to stab patient’s philtrum, at the same time, the phone will stop play. Take this treatment once every six weeks; Allowed to shouting out loudly and crying when having the treatment; Duration: one  to two mins; Speed: forty times per minute.

The consequences will infinitely continue...