Milano Del Salone, 2017                                                                             Rossana Orlandi Gallery

Milano Del Salone, 2017                                                                             Rossana Orlandi Gallery

SPLIT A SECOND, Table-Top Mirror

2nd Year Graduate, 2016

Split a Second is a gradient mirror inspired by the fragility of glass. It visualizes the action of a sphere passing through a sheet of glass. Two objects originally separated come together through this action.

This project is a collaboration between Whatnot Collection from SAIC and West Supply.

This object can be purchased through the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


The manufacturing process is an uncontrollable challenging process. It developed an unusual process to achieve the cracking effect that I designed. It is an experimental process, which makes each single mirror is unrepeatable. 

The round surface is slumped to a mould to achieve the deformation, at the same time, they poured the cold water on the round surface to naturally create the actual cracking surface. After this process, the back surface acquires an obvious texture. The process by which the cracked effect is created puts actual fractures in the glass. This makes it extremely difficult to polish out the texture without those cracks migrating and shattering the whole piece. However, after silvering the back, the object does have some very attractive qualities up close,  and the reflection on the mirror will act like an oil painting. With the black glass ball attached it works very well as a sculptural object. 

The cracking part is filled by resin, it is not dangerous to use is as an everyday object. The ball on the back is casted by Crystal Glass. 


23 cm L x 10.5 cm W x 22 cm H,                                                                                          

Glass, Black Crystal Glass                                     

Photography credit: Jonathan Allen

I am splitting a second,

To create a dimension only for you.

For you to look at yourself.

Do you fear yourself?

I can see you in the debris.

I can hear you are talking to yourself.


Do you fear me?

I am here to give your stronger power.

You are not alone.